Author Topic: SAP HANA Community Cloud offers peak performance for agile computing environment  (Read 65 times)

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ESDS SAP HANA Community Cloud is a first-of-its-kind Cloud platform that is built by experts. HANA instances are hosted on this platform, which offers complete SAP services. SAP certified experts and administrators takes care of enterprises minute technical needs starting from consultation to implementation.

SAP HANA Community Cloud and SAP Managed Services offered by ESDS:

1. on boarding Services

  • One Time SAP Infrastructure setup as per final sizing
    Consultation services

2. SPLA License

  • VMware
    Veritas NetBackup/Commvault

3. SAP Managed Services

  • SAP Basis Support
    HANA Administration Service
    Sybase/MaxDB etc.
    SAP HANA/SUSE Failover-Cluster Service (Configuration, daily monitoring & management)

4. Infra Managed Services

  • 24x7 Advanced Monitoring Service
    OS, Storage, backup, Network & Security

5. DR Setup

  • One Time DR infra setup
     DR Drills & Reporting
     RTO/RPO monitoring
     Replication Monitoring & Configuration

6. Compute/Storage

  • Certified SAP Cloud
     SAP HANA on TDI (Physical/Cloud) & Certified Appliance Model
     Performance Disk space (SAS) 300 IOPS/TB
     High Performance Disk space (SSD) 3000 IOPS/TB
     Backup solution Data/Snapshot

7. Network and Security

  • Physical/Virtual Firewalls
     SIEM, DDoS Service
     IPSec/SSL VPN, Internet/MPLS Link/Shared P2P Links



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