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Mandrill SMTP Setting and Integration :

Now a days mandril is coming up with the affordable and scalable  email infrastructure service. Using these services you can take the market places to build new business over the internet, The email marketing is the get source to reach your existing and new customers.

We are going to see how to setup the Mandrill  SMTP and integrate it with your application, Below screen shows how does it looks like

Outbound Section :


Mandrill do keep the trac of the all emails you send starts from  opens, clicks and delivery data all this information for each emails sent through your account are stored. It keeps 30 days logs , while bounced message data is kept for 90 days for record-keeping purposes. Below is the screenshot which will give you idea how exactly it looks :

Reporting :

Base on the email tracking and the statistic its easy to adopt the correct marketing strategy. This will also let you know that you are going in correct way. This gives Top locations your emails been view and read, along with the Operating system and the messages type read so you know which campaign has successful and can more focus on it. Here you get 3 type of reporting Demographic , compare stats , URL tracking as shown below :

Settings Sending Defaults :

While Settings Sending Defaults for mandrill you need to be very careful, here you can set the type of the email look like HTML , Plain Text ,  CSS Type in HTML  etc.  Here you can also get the email id to which you wish to receive of the email you send. Also you can handle the bounce back with forward option under the same.


Setting up the SPF and DKIM is inportant as this will make your email more realistic, You can also set the return path domain where you want to trace it back on your domain.

Settings Tracking & Return Path Domains :


Its useful to set the your own domain in return path domain as it allow the links on your email to point it back with your custom domain name instead of mandrill. This gives authentic look for your email and get attract your customer.

Settings webhook :

This is the unique key and url on which you want to process your bounce back messages and generate the reporting base on it.

Setting Sender domain :

SMTP & API Key :

Send email using the API and key or get started quickly with SMTP using the information shows on the page.

365Hosting support team are always there to help you with setting up and troubleshoot your Mandrill issues and get the email campaign smother and get maximum attention from your customer. Which not only bring more profit to your business but build trust over your feature customers.  We do have massive experience with setting up the mandrill accounts for our customer. Contact our sales person on our live chat and get the best team work for you now !

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Re: Mandrill SMTP Setting and Integration :
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Thanks for sharing this information. It is really helpful.
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Re: Mandrill SMTP Setting and Integration :
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Thanks for sharing the details  in deep . Good  Post

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Re: Mandrill SMTP Setting and Integration :
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Nice offer!


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