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Re: INXY – dedicated servers, content delivery network, cloud solutions
« Reply #30 on: February 07, 2020, 07:17:05 PM »
Meet Highwinds CDN offers with a 50% discount from INXY

Being one of the major providers of CDN services, Highwinds (part of StackPath company) offers a large array of content delivery networks with servers located around the world. Want to speed up your website with the help of a quality CDN solution without paying a fortune?

Highwinds CDN is the right choice. It provides:
•   Large number of PoPs for fast delivery;
•   Customization with EdgeRules;
•   Free Private EdgeSSL certificate support;
•   Real-time analytics.

INXY marketplace makes CDN services affordable. Don’t miss our prices with a 50% discount from the provider’s cost:
•   $6 per 1 TB for packages of 1 to 99 TB
•   $4,99 per 1 TB for 100 TB packages 100 TB and higher
•   100 TB = $499 (the old price is $700)
•   250 TB = $1250 (the old price is $1750)

The larger is your package, the more you save. Choose the one to fit your website’s requirements, and enjoy exceptional performance with flawless loading speed.

Check our catalog on INXY marketplace.

Have questions? Need help with selection of CDN solutions? Contact our sales managers via the live chat on the official website or Skype
INXY- it is our duty to make business enjoyable!


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