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When you think about getting your first web hosting plan, you should choose not only the type of web hosting plan for your website but also the infrastructure, that is, know the difference between Linux vs Windows Web Hosting.

In this article, you will learn about:

The importance of knowing the difference between Linux and Windows hosting,

What is the difference between Linux and Windows Hosting? What type of infrastructure is more suitable for you?
Why is it essential to understand windows hosting versus Linux hosting?

Some considerations that you should keep in mind with Windows and Linux servers

    How to interact with web hosting plans?
    What type of applications can you use?
    What is the cost you will pay for your hosting plan?
    Integration, security and stability Features

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Nowadays, businesses are continually migrating to cloud computing. Either they need a single cloud service or shifting their whole infrastructure to a new cloud ecosystem and seeking the additional benefits of cloud technology. There is no doubt; the cloud is highly scalable, secure, flexible, and less expensive, which is the main reason it is the best choice of top business brands. Today, I am going to discuss Google cloud vs AWS Ė giant cloud computing providers.

1. What is AWS?
2. What is Google Cloud?
3. Why Google Cloud vs Amazon Web Services
4. Google Cloud vs Amazon Web Services Comparison Table

What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

Amazon Web Services offers flexible, scalable, reliable, cost-effective, easy to use, and fully featured cloud services. You need to select an operating system, programming language, database, or other services you need. You will get an AWS virtual environment where you can run your required software or services. It is also known as a powerhouse of storage, analytics, networking, and deployment options.

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Nowadays, domain registration with different extensions is a common thing. For example, we register a .com domain and another with .net TLD. We want to redirect .net to .com so that both are redirected to the same website whenever the visitors write our domain with either of the two extensions.

We can also register our desired domain if it is available and redirect it to a specific URL, whether it is the web or not; this will always depend on each projectís needs.

Letís see how we can do it in the cPanel control panels that we use at Temok.Com and what steps we must follow:

1. That the domain is registered and uses the nameservers of hosting.
2. Set the domain to redirect as Alias ​​in the cPanel.
3. Domain redirection 301 (Permanent) or 302 (Temporary)[/li][/list]

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Dedicated Servers - Questions & Answers / What are Dedicated Servers?
« on: December 14, 2020, 12:46:11 PM »

Like other website owners, you launched your website using shared hosting, that is the cheapest option ever. However, as the website visitors grow, it is essential to upgrade your hosting capacity as per the business requirements. You may have considered; what are dedicated servers Ė and why you need them?

The answer is based on the reason why you need to upgrade your current hosting plan. For example, you may be dealing with anticipated growth in the near future or facing a rise in immediate traffic. Dedicated servers are the best option for this particular situation, along with their enhanced security features and optimum performance.

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Whether you are an individual, organization, commercial business, or institute, the protection of your online presence is essential. So, a domain name is one of the most important parts of online business and its security has also a greater impact on the overall brand presence and reputation. Business owners are able to protect their domain names with a built-in protection feature known as EPP code.

In this article, you will learn all the basics of EPP Code, how it secures the domains, how you can get the Epp codes, and other ways to protect your domain names. After reading this guide, you will be able to protect your domain names from fraud or theft by implementing the best security practices.

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Since most companies bundle the two services together, many people donít realize there is a difference between domain name registration and web hosting. Both are important components in maintaining a successful online presence, but only the hosting component will continue to need attention throughout your entire career. This article aims to give a better understanding of how to choose web hosting, common mistakes, and valuable web hosting tips to get rid of issues.

In the process of creating websites, people often come to a major roadblock, choosing a web hosting service. A web hosting service features a server that allows its users to upload their content to the Internet and bring their website to life. This roadblock can be eliminated with the right information, such as expert advice and in-depth research.

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The trend of online businesses is increasing day by day and facilitating users to buy services or products at their doorsteps by making online payments without visiting banks. It is most important to secure the data because hackers are actively trying to breach the confidential and private information. In this article, you will learn about servers configurations and different ways to protect your server machines. 

You just need to follow these 10 steps for setting up a server securely before putting it in the production environment. The following details may vary from distribution to distribution but the same concept is used for any flavor of the Linux. Once you have done all these sever configurations, it means you have added basic protection against the common attacks.

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Nowadays, running a successful business requires a solid online presence to target more customers from all over the world. It is mandatory to choose a creative website domain name for your online business to target a more specific audience. Choosing the right TLD (Top Level Domain) means getting more potential customers. Every traditional business is shifted on the internet or planning to make their internet presence because they know the real importance of their virtual outlet. But they can only earn an attractive amount of profits if they understand how to find a domain with a specific domain extension and invest in digital marketing. 

You are a photographer, artist, performer, or involved in any profession, you can register your business-specific TLD for better representation of your brand in any particular niche. In this article, you will learn all the basics of the top-level domain, benefits, and different TLDs for artists, photographers, performers, movie makers, and culinary artists.

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Cloud computing is a term used to define a network of remote servers on the internet that store, manage, and process data in place of local hosting servers. In this article, you will learn the evolution of cloud computing, how it can solve the trending business needs and challenges. Most of the businesses are migrating to the cloud because of reduced IT costs, business continuity, scalability and collaboration efficiency. Letís have a comprehensive overview of cloud computing history and evolution for understanding the real impact on todayís businesses. You will learn about the following stages used to develop, test and deploy your applications and websites.

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If you are running any website, you surely know how important a domain name and its extension is for your online business brand. But if you are a beginner and want to build your own website with the proper domain name and reliable hosting then this article is equally important for you. Did you know every domain name is based on different elements? In this article, you will learn what is a TLD (Top-Level-Domain), what does .com mean and a list of popular TLDs.

Domain suffix or Top-Level-Domain (also known as domain extension) is the last segment of your domain name located after the last dot. There are more than 1200 TLDs but .com is the most popular extension. Letís understand the basic knowledge of all popular top domain extensions.

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Online presence is not only beneficial for growing a small business but it is absolutely essential for any company. When they properly maintain their business website, it means they are accessible to a wide range of audiences from all over the world and able to market the products or services effortlessly. Many business owners try to reduce their hosting expenses by sharing the benefits of a server with hundreds or even thousands of other websites. But actually, they are making their decisions based on short-term business planning.

Those who want to take their business to the next level should build a solid online presence with server dedication. If you are facing the limitations of shared hosting and want to get rid of then migrate your website to a managed dedicated server.

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In this digital world where the technology is taking place of almost all traditional processes and making them dynamic. Cloud computing is also one of them that becomes an integral part of our lives and make it easier to perform complex tasks with the help of computing machines. In recent years, the cloud becomes the most popular and in-demand solution for organizations to store, access and process data. In order to geta proper answer to how the cloud is changing business, you need to remember the world before the cloud.

There was no efficiency and mobility because data was stored using traditional bookkeeping techniques where people had to be in any specific location if they wanted to read books. This world was very risky because if the library building is burnt out then books would be destroyed. I will try to answer your questions like how cloud has impacted big companies, the impact of cloud computing in future business strategies, how do organizations use the cloud and how the cloud is changing business.

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In this digital world, technology is continually growing and changing the world and the way we express ourselves. For example, whenever we talk about surfing, mostly we are talking about the browsing WWW (World Wide Web) instead of surface water in which the wave rider or surfer rides on a moving wave. Similarly, it is happening with the word ďparkingĒ. In order to understand what is domain parking and how it works, you need basic knowledge that is discussed in this article. Before proceeding to the complex and advance details about domain parking, take a look at the basic information.

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Temok is providing top notch Web Hosting services since 2014. Our Goal at Temok is always to deliver high-quality Linux Shared Hosting services at the most favorable rate in addition to the utmost customers happiness. We aim mostly on uptime and customer happiness, with the most rapid servers available on the market together with efficient support crew, our performance is right up there with the best. A distinct aspect of our company is the excellent level of support that is guaranteed with each of the plans we have available.

Below you can find the details of Our Linux Shared Hosting Plans along with the Price. Choose your desired plan and order now.

)) Linux Shared Hosting Baby Plan ((

- Free Setup
- 99% Uptime Guarantee
- 1 Website Hosting
- 1GB RAID Protected Storage
- No Free Domain
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- 0 Addon Domains
- 1 Subdomains
- 1 Domain Redirects
- 1 Parked Domains
- 10 Email Accounts
- cPanel Control Panel
- 3 MySQL5 Databases
- 24/7 Technical Support
- USA Data Center
- 1 Mailling Lists
- 1 Web Disk Access
- 1 FTP Accounts
- Price: $0.5/Month

) Order Baby Plan Now (

)) Linux Shared Hosting Turbo Plan ((

- Free Setup
- 99% Uptime Guarantee
- 1 Website Hosting
- Unlimited RAID Protected Storage
- Free .COM Domain
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- 2 Addon Domains
- 4 Subdomains
- 5 Domain Redirects
- 1 Parked Domains
- Unlimited Email Accounts
- cPanel Control Panel
- Unlimited MySQL5 Databases
- 24/7 Technical Support
- USA Data Center
- 1 Mailling Lists
- Unlimited Web Disk Access
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Price: $1.8/Month

) Order Turbo Plan Now (

)) Linux Shared Hosting Business Plan ((

- Free Setup
- 99% Uptime Guarantee
- Unlimited Website Hosting
- Unlimited RAID Protected Storage
- Free .COM Domain
- Unlimited Bandwidth
- Unlimited Addon Domains
- Unlimited Subdomains
- Unlimited Domain Redirects
- Unlimited Parked Domains
- Unlimited Email Accounts
- cPanel Control Panel
- Unlimited MySQL5 Databases
- 24/7 Technical Support
- USA Data Center
- 1 Mailling Lists
- Unlimited Web Disk Access
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Price: $2.4/Month

) Order Business Plan Now (

)) Additional Features ((

∙ Simple DNS Zone Editor
∙ Advanced DNS Zone Editor
∙ Free SSL
∙ (SoftAculous)   1click installer
∙ Website builder
∙ MX Entry
∙ Alternative SMTP Port
∙ MySQL Database Wizard
∙ phpMyAdmin
∙ Unlimited Remote MySQL Control
∙ CGI Center
∙ Multiple PHP Version
∙ Unlimited Perl/Ruby
∙ File Manager
∙ Server Side Includes (SSI)
∙ Cron Jobs
∙ Custom Error Pages
∙ SSL/TLS Manager
∙ HotLink Protection
∙ Leech Protect
∙ Control Panel Data Backups

Our versatile, highly competent and determined talent pool work as a team to offer solutions around the clock 24/7, to provide acknowledged worldwide results to our clients. Our technical support staff sets us apart from other hosting companies and makes us the ideal choice of people and firms all over the world.

➛ We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, WorldPay and Diners Club International for payment.

If you have any questions & suggestions please feel free to contact or Like us on Facebook for more exciting updates & promos.


Computer technology is widely used all over the world, in fact, without server machines, there is no existence of world-wide-web (www), online shopping, banking experience, and all other server-dependent tasks. How do servers work is a simpler concept and anyone can easily understand the functionality, major components, and realizes other related concepts, like Big Data and cloud computing. I am going to briefly explain all these concepts in this article.

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